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Atlanta Stagehand Company provides highly specialized, 

prepared and qualified personnel, to the entertainment and special events markets. This includes; production companies, event venues, promoters, event planners, and others who require our services. We believe that stagecraft is an art, a vocation, and a trade.  We practice it with pride, knowledge, attention to detail, and an understanding of the history of our art.     

We expect the highest levels of performance from our staff with a fair day's work for our customers. We have a true love of the history of our craft and have a mission to
 ensure the longevity of our livelihood by doing our best, being our best, and performing at our best.... at all times.

We understand that "the show" is the reason that we have a career and that "the show" must go on, and with Atlanta Stagehand Company at your side, "the show" will go on. You might have known & trusted us over the last 19 years as Backbone Productions. In early 2020, we restructured & rebranded our company into TWO companies! ASC for our highly skilled land loving support staff and StageHands at Sea for our uniquely trained sea event festival staff! 

With this new structuring, we pledge the following and understand that this is our standard. 


1. We will be on time and ready to work at the appointed call time.
2. We will own and carry the tools of our trade.
3. We will wear the appropriate uniform of our profession and always look like a professional.
4. We will learn and use new skills whenever possible.
5. We will take every opportunity to pass on our skills to those with less experience.
6. We will encourage the highest level of performance from our peers.
7. We will conduct ourselves as professionals at all times while on and off the show site.
8. We will provide quality workmanship and a fair day's work to our customers.
9. We will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that"the show" goes on.
10. We will be sensitive to the needs of each other and the client.

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